3Si ServicesOnline Threat Identification:

3Si is changing the delivery and quality of the online threat identification space. If used as a stand-alone process, reliance on data mining alone can result in an almost overwhelming amount of information that can complicate trends, intentions and plans to the uninitiated. 3Si’s online threat identification team has refined the critical task of narrowing and analyzing the information extracted by turning it into valuable, actionable intelligence to derive the maximum utility for our clients.

Online Threat IdentificationWhile the potential applications of online threat identification are only limited by the imagination and requirements of the client, the following list provides a brief overview of online threat identification applications currently offered by 3Si:

• Detection and monitoring of Criminal Activity

• Awareness and tracking of petition and awareness campaigns

• Detection and tracking of planned business interruption activity

• Mitigation against organized and unplanned civil disobedience
• Determination of Sentiment relating to an enterprise

• General threat Intelligence gathering and analysis

• Digital security profile vulnerability assessment

• Discovery of online employee and staff targeting

• Real time support to special event security

• Profile development of Persons of interest (POI’s)