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Security Master Planning

3Si excel at coordinating an organization’s security strategies, goals, policies, programs, and processes into a comprehensive security master plan. The resulting synchronized security program works in tandem with an organization’s overall strategic plan while also providing a detailed outline of the risks and appropriate mitigation plans to management.

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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is extremely cost effective when conducted consistently, offering a high return for every dollar invested. Proactively addressing behaviour and culture by coaching personnel in identifying risks and the corresponding basic steps for protection can help prevent consequential, but preventable events, like information breaches and financial losses.

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Emergency Management

Managing emergencies is about forethought and preparation for unwelcome events and it is an organic process which continuously evolves as the enterprise grows or new risks emerge. No plan can anticipate every possible circumstance, but planning will improve your odds for business survival if disaster does strike. It is about smart contingency, and resource management.

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Threat Risk Assessment

The conduct of a Threat and Risk Assessment is the foundational stage necessary to support effective planning and allocation of resources. This expert review of business assets, functions and protocols develops a realistic and individualized risk profile which empowers decision makers to know where and how to appropriately protect their enterprise.

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Business Continuity

The primary focus of business continuity is to enable critical services and products to be continually delivered to clients. Instead of focusing on resuming a business after critical operations have ceased or recovering after a disaster, a business continuity plan endeavors to ensure that critical operations continue to be available throughout a crisis without any discernible disruption to critical business unit functions.

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Online Threat Identification

Physical, information and reputational risks can increasingly be identified via various social media and electronic platforms. 3Si’s online threat identification team has refined the critical task of narrowing and analyzing online threat information into valuable, actionable predictive intelligence to derive the maximum utility for our clients.

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The Concern:

Enterprises routinely navigate a spectrum of challenges to remain profitable and viable. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises however, because of more limited resources, can encounter difficulty when stepping outside of their core business functions to manage additional risks such as; personnel, physical security, safety, cyber, business continuity, resilience etc.

Having to redirect or stretch existing resources to manage security or continuity risks typically means assigning personnel to unfamiliar roles. That redeployment not only distracts talent away from core business but by default imposes limits on the security expertise available to decision makers.

In 2013, despite a healthy influx of new entities, over eighty thousand SMEs disappeared from the marketplace. One root cause that was suggested for many of those departures was ‘inadequate planning’ or even a ‘lack of planning.’

3Si MazeThe Solution:

Fundamentally, viability relies upon effective business management to maximize profitability from the goods or services offered by the enterprise. It should be remembered too that profitability is also a function of the successful avoidance and mitigation of potential losses.

Effective security risk management supports business by reducing the likelihood of negative events or by minimizing their impact. To that end, development of appropriate safeguards for personnel, operations and assets requires the application of a specialized skill set.

Each enterprise or situation is unique, but one viable solution is to employ external security resources for guidance with operations and the development of tailored protocols for protection. It can help to answer the questions; “How much security is enough?” and “How much security is too much?” An accepted wisdom is that security should be ‘baked in’ as a part of the overall business planning and not simply ‘bolted on’ afterwards.

Learn More:

3Si Risk Strategies provides learning opportunities though online webinars and training events. Conducted by our online threat analysts, you will learn about the evolving security trends affecting businesses with a specific focus on strategies, tactics, and threat mitigation. Please contact us for more information on participating in an upcoming webinar for security professionals.