Physical Security ReviewThe 3Si Brand:

3Si Risk Strategies Inc. was Incorporated in February 2004 with offices located in Delta, British Columbia. 3Si is operated by a dedicated and highly experienced partnership group that possesses well-established trust based professional relationships with both clients and industry colleagues. Our company excels in the areas of Security and Emergency Management consulting and, while a renowned local company, 3Si has a highly acclaimed reputation with clients throughout North America and across the world.

3Si Partners and their Associates have extensive backgrounds in service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, municipal police, humanitarian security, the Canadian military as well as significant high level experience in Corporate Security Operations (in both the public and private sector), Security Master Planning, Threat Risk Assessments, Security Systems Design, CPTED studies, Public Safety Initiatives and large scale residential and commercial developments in the Safety, Security and Emergency Management consulting arena.

3Si has provided this expertise to a long list of clients ranging from private to public-sector corporations and at all levels of government. The 3Si team have maintained, through personal development and practical application of their skills, the level of current competency required to offer timely, relevant and cost-effective solutions to our clients. This progressive, business oriented and budget conscious approach combined with a sophisticated, knowledgeable clientele has seen 3Si providing best practice safety, security and emergency management options that not only incorporate, but also often exceed existing industry standards for best practice.

About 3SiThe 3Si Advantage:

At 3Si our mission is: Mitigating Risk through Safety, Security and Strategic innovation. All services delivered by 3Si are centered on a 'systems-based' approach. We believe that in every enterprise, whether it be in the public or private sector, there are both unique and common elements of safety, security and emergency management that threaten the health and vitality of the organization, and that mitigation of these vulnerabilities should be conducted through a robust, structured yet completely cost-effective process. 3Si is dedicated to providing world class security and emergency management consulting and is committed to forming resilient partnerships with key stakeholders on every facet of a project to ensure success.

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3Si Risk Strategies provides learning opportunities though online webinars and training events. Conducted by our online threat analysts, you will learn about the evolving security trends affecting businesses amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic with a specific focus on strategies, tactics, and threat mitigation. Please contact us for more information on participating in an upcoming webinar for security professionals.