Security Training ....Like Learning to Drive

Flashback to the day that you received your driver’s license. Was there ever a day where you felt more empowered and free? Think to the months preceding this event. The driver’s training, studying, learner’s exam, practice, maybe practicing on other vehicles. Now think about after the test. Very detailed rules to follow and friends (read Police and Parents) to ensure that the rules were followed. Finally there was the constant repetition of driving every day that kept your skills tuned. You lost the “fear” of driving and your car and enjoyed the value that your car brought to your life. Now let’s contrast that with your security system. Often just a call to “a guy” who tells you what you need and then asks for your signature on pages of fine print. You are left wondering what is “anti-passback, tailgating, 24 hour zones, VMD, voice-down” The list goes on. Think back to the days it was being installed. Constant hammering, dust, noise, strangers in your business. You just want them to finish and get out of your place so you can get back to your regular business. And they, in turn, just want to get out of your business so they can get paid and on to the next job. Even worse, you move into a building and inherit a security system with little or no training. The result is that the training is often not adequate to obtain the full value from your security system. You end up being given the “keys” to the security system without any deep understanding of how it can contribute to your business. Not to imply that a security system is as big of a life event as a driver’s license. Only just to say that:

  • spending time to fully understand YOUR security needs, in YOUR language,
  • having a formal commissioning procedure to prove that your requirements have been met, again in YOUR language,
  • waiting for the dust to settle (literally) before a detailed and customized training package is conducted, and
  • ensuring that regular updates, training and maintenance are conducted,

does not make you a bad customer or a bad employee. It ensures that your business will receive the maximum benefit possible from your system. In other words …. don’t spend all your money on the car without setting some aside for driver training and car maintenance. Photo courtesy of State Farm

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