ISC West 2016 Video Analytics ..... soon

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There were several themes at the International Security Show in Las Vegas this year, not the least was Video Analytics. Many pitches for analytics at the edge, analytics at the recorder, analytics in the cloud.

First things first. What are Analytics.  Turns out it should be more accurately described as Human Detection, Vehicle Detection, some color detection and that’s about it for now. The thing is, however this is huge and offers a ton of potential that is just about here.

Finally we are very close to putting a tether between intrusion detection and video that doesn’t involve a human in a foreign country watching your video.

The problem now is it is very difficult to differentiate the capabilities. There is a lot of “hocus pocus” that cannot be measured thrown about by many vendors. This is not unlike video compression algorithms in the 90’s.

We are getting very close to moving the term “analytics” from motion detection into an industry changing technology.

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