Is that OSINT or OSINF ??

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We are hearing the OSINT buzzword daily. Open Source Intelligence has huge potential given the firehose of big data.  Some simple free tools and some excellent (albeit very expensive) tools will offer an amazing collection plan.  This is the “WHAT” of Intelligence Led Security. Lets coin it “Open Source Information” or OSINF. Now what do you do with that information?  Of course you will be the coolest kid on the block because you will know stuff before anyone else. So what … or even more to the point Now What ?? Turning OSINF into OSINT takes analysis … actionable intelligence …. and actionable intelligence takes a big brain … or many big brains. Enter the Analyst who is still the superhero behind Intelligence Led Security. Big data followed with search tools (geo, temporal, sentiment …) WILL find that needle in a haystack. Without an analyst, however, you won’t know if that needle is there to darn your socks or poke you in the eye. Give your analyst a hug …. and if you don’t have one. Give us a call. You will come to love our analysts.

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