Buildex 2016 - Security for the Building Life-cycle

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So we were lucky enough to be selected to speak at Buildex in Vancouver on Feb.25th.
Awesome to liaise with Architects and Builders who have a passion for beautiful, functional and secure structures. We were able to agree on some issues:
1. The design/build phase is much shorter than the occupy stage.
2. Security is much more attractive and effective if implemented in the design/build phase.
3. Security has cost and unless all bidders are bidding the same security package there is a risk of losing a bid by implementing security.
4. Security is not always well articulated in bid packages which makes it difficult to compete on a level playing field.
5. A great percentage of available security features go unused simply due to a lack of knowledge that the features exist.

The take-away for builders and architects is to try to gain a deep understanding of how your security specifications will be used over the long term … by who, when and how.

The take-away for building owners is to think of your security devices more like your front lawn that needs a little love and attention on a regular basis.

Body Worn Camera …. You can’t handle the truth ;)ISC West 2016 Video Analytics ….. soon

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