Body Worn Camera .... You can't handle the truth ;)

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So the LAPD is all in on body worn videos and they need to be applauded for their intentions.  They are doing what they can to re-establish (or establish in some people’s minds) public accountability. In addition, there will be valuable evidence to support criminal investigations.  A tool to help to get to the truth. body worn camera

There are a ton of technical obstacles with this immature technology. Some solutions have the officer responsible for turning the camera on and off …. YIKES! So now in the 1/4 second an officer has to react to a situation, she has to consider the environment, get some cover or concealment, choose among the assorted levels of force that are available, call for back-up and for goodness sake don’t forget to turn on a camera because the inquest will conclude that the only reason there won’t be a recording is because the police are covering something up! Many systems do not have the data encrypted. A proprietary file system is not encryption.  These cameras will get lost and the public will see much of what every officer has to get out of their head so they can sleep at night. The subsequent internal will reveal the only reason the camera is lost is the officer was careless.  Bad officer. The battery won’t last an entire shift. So come in from patrol and get another battery?? Who has access and when to the data …. where is it stored? Yes there is a “cloud” and it is very secure but … not every police officer works where there is 4G technology and an IT guy in every office.

Somehow it will be the police that take these problems on the chin in spite of the fact that they have very little control over the issues.

The good new is that the technology will evolve. Encryption, storage, and other technical issues will resolve. What WON’T change is the fact that police see bad things. Now it is recorded.

The public who are demanding body worn cameras to establish police accountability need to duke it out with the privacy advocates … because you can’t only record bad policeman or bad people without recording a great deal of innocent people in very distressing conditions.

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