Body Camera - Recording buffer size

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When is a flaw turned into a feature …. when it is expensive to implement.  So seems the case with body camera recording.

There are volumes of operating instructions that describe how one is supposed to turn on the body camera BEFORE something bad happens.  All good for those who see the future however in the unlikely event that something happens, wouldn’t it be great to go back and get access to that video. Fortunately, most reputable BWC manufactures have this feature. Some call it a pre-event buffer or a pre-recording feature. Same thing.

The camera keeps recent video on hand. If you hit the record, not only will the new video be recorded but the recent past video as well. So if there is a surprise that results in a quick arrest. Pushing the record button 5 minutes after the event will still allow you to have access to the previous 5 minutes of activity. This is huge. Wait … did I say 5 minutes …. oops … some only have 2 minutes… and that is unfortunate.

Do not be fooled into thinking that this is any sort of tactical advantage over a 5 minute or 15 minute pre-event record. Because it isn’t. rbl

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