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The next few posts will address individual specifications of a Body Worn Camera (BWC). The case for “the ideal BWC” is poor on a good day. The statement needs to be “The best BWC for this application”. The intent is to discuss trade-offs and differences in specifications …. and how this might affect you.
Field of View (FOV)
This refers to what the camera sees.  A wide angle FOV will see a wider angle however there will be less resolution at a given distance. Where this discussion gets stupid is when people start trying to match the FOV to a human FOV.  The fact is the camera is on a fairly fixed platform (chest) and eyes are on a much more movable platform (head). Even when the head is still; the eyeballs can move. Yes there are hat and even eyeglass cameras. In these instances, the FOV is a better approximation of a human however, a human may (and generally is) focused on a very small part of their field of view.
I tend to fall in the wider field of view camp.  The value of BWC is generally more in “situational awareness” than “personal identification”. I would not, however, place too much weight on the camera FOV for most current offerings.

Why Privacy Matters …. Now

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